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Take the Lobster Cave Home
Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm to 9pm

9589 6329

to order
Complimentary delivery for orders over $80 within a 15km radius
Allergy Disclaimer
Please advise at the time of ordering your take-away if you have any allergies. Our culinary
experts source many allergen free products, however due to the kitchen environment some
ingredients may be exposed to allergens. We will endeavour to accommodate individual needs to
the best of our ability. We cannot be held responsible for traces of allergens.
Over $50 1 Brulee
Over $100 2 serves of Garlic bread kalamata olives
Over $160 ½ Garlic Sth Rock Lobster
Over $250 Whole Garlic Southern Rock Lobster

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[restaurant-menu-and-ordering ruid=”366ef55a-01bd-4f8d-80df-fdad11c32830″]