Turning Tables

The Famous words of Adele’s song “Turning Tables.”

The rising costs of living; how do we keep turning the tables?

As food prices continue to rise and inflation affects people’s lifestyles, the hospitality industry faces all sorts of challenges. With fuel and interest rates also increasing, customers are more selective about where they spend their money. In order to stay competitive and attract customers back to our restaurant, we need to focus on the unique experience that we offer and the many roles that are now available within the hospitality industry.

At Lobster Cave, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, sourcing the best ingredients and building strong relationships with local farmers and our network of seafood suppliers. This is a never-ending evolution for our team. Is it enough to keep up with the constant turning of the tables that is required to keep a restaurant healthy?

A lot of the people that visit our establishment are returning customers; however, you still need to entice customers back, and this is whereby we need to focus on the unique experiences that we offer. Offering BYO wine and not charging corkage is one of these, yet it is a daily challenge in today’s economy. Our menu features a wide range of seafood and steak dishes, with something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy steak, succulent lobster or fresh oysters, our menu has it all.  Weekly we curate a midweek specials menu that allows our clientele to dine out at a more affordable level.  Think about this. Being able to afford lobster on a weekday for between $30 – $60 per person instead of waiting for the weekend to start. Take advantage of a reduced-priced menu midweek at many restaurants throughout Melbourne. Change your way of dining out so that it’s still doable.

At the recent Food Service Australia convention that I attended with my colleagues, it was clear that the hospitality industry is on the rise again, despite the challenges we face. There are many exciting opportunities available for those interested in pursuing a career in hospitality, from management roles to apprenticeships and training programs.  At the Lobster Cave, we are always interested in talking with good people to join our team.

In conclusion, our team of people and our clientele are why we do what we do.  Yet I am a big believer that this stems from pure passion.  Anyone in the food industry has a serious hunger and passion for food; funny about that. Having a love for the food industry can be an exciting and rewarding experience. There are many different aspects, from agriculture and farming to food processing, restaurants, catering, and food service. I started by learning from my Mum and her Mum, and I have a continuous thirst for learning as much as I can about food, cooking techniques, and culinary trends through books, online courses, workshops and, of course, my peers around me at the Lobster Cave.  You may also consider working in a restaurant or food service establishment to gain hands-on experience.  After all, this was my introduction to the Lobster Cave all those years ago, and by staying curious and open to new experiences and opportunities, has served me well.  The food industry is constantly evolving and staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments; whilst important, it is also more important to know your culture and your point of difference as this can help you thrive in your success.  Everyone needs to eat; everyone still has special occasions and milestones to celebrate, and we always welcome you here at Lobster Cave. SuzieQ x